I'm a somatic superwoman...minus the cape.

I'm living my dream.  I’ve always been fascinated by human movement and driven towards helping others live better in their body.  I feel incredibly fortunate to work with the people I do and look forward to discovering new ways they can move towards achieving their mobility, fitness, health, and aesthetic goals.  

I run my own Corrective Exercise and Personal Training company and am dedicated to my pedagogic endeavors in order to stay at the top of my game.  I’ve traveled around the globe to complete extensive education and feel honored that my qualifications and insight help me meet the needs of my clients.  I’ve been around the block (for 15+ years) in the Health & Wellness community and have developed a network of amazing resources to pull from to find solutions with integrity and success.

When I’m not “geeking out” over the latest medical journal or experimenting with new movement modalities in the gym, I’m usually outside floating in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, or practicing Yoga.  I am very adept at fouling up any high-tech gizmo in my path, except, however, the most sophisticated piece of machinery that will ever be created- the human body.  I love delicious artisanal food, small-batch bourbon, painting, reading, gardening, and organizing anything...including your spine. 

Did your doc send you to me?  Find out why...